Welcome to; The Conejo Gem and Mineral Club

Welcome to; The Conejo Gem and Mineral Club

Welcome to; The Conejo Gem and Mineral ClubWelcome to; The Conejo Gem and Mineral ClubWelcome to; The Conejo Gem and Mineral Club

Where Rockhounding is Fun!


Board Members 2020

President: Kevin Lake

Federation Director:  Dick White

Field Trips: Co-chairs :Chuck Borchart 

Membership and Website: Sandee Mahoney -sandramahoney7@gmail.com

Newsletter: Lawerence Killough


Secretary: Jane Robin

Treasurer: Dick Weber

CFMS Director: Dick White

About Our Club

Conejo Gem and Mineral club was founded in 1971, and is a member of both the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

 NOTE: "Conejo" pronounced 'kon-a-ho (n) is the Spanish word for "rabbit", hence the logo design, and was the name given by the early Spanish explorers in the early 1700's when they came through the valley and noticed the thousands of jack rabbits that lived here, thus designating this area the "Conejo Valley".

 The Conejo Gem and Mineral Club (CGMC) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The Club promotes and extends the knowledge of minerals, geology, fossils, lapidary arts and associated fields.

 Operating funds are generated from membership fees and proceeds from our annual show held in April called the Pageant of a Thousand Gems.   

We also participate in the Gem and Mineral Department exhibits at the Ventura County Fair,and we actively support other Gem and Mineral Clubs by displaying when we are invited. 

We are members of the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies (regional) and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (national). We serve; Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark, Simi Valley and neighboring communities in and near the Conejo Valley area of Ventura County in Southern California.

We are on Facebook!

 Please check out our page, feel free to "Like us". We have a FANs of Page on Facebook for CGAMC. Any members that are on Facebook can become a fan and send the link to all of their friends on Facebook and so on... Any fan can then post whatever to the page that might be of interest. Here is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/1CGMC/ 

Meeting Location and Times

Our monthly meetings are held the 2nd Thursday evening at 7:30 PM at Hillcrest Art Center --403 Hillcrest Drive (Off of Mc Cloud), Thousand Oaks (It is across from the Oaks mall) up on the hill.

Board Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 PM at the Hillcrest Art Center


First year for a family is $45, (this includes 2 name tags) and renewal after this is $30 a year.

Single membership is $28 for the first year and $20 a year for renewal.

Please call Sandra at 805-384-1013, or sandramahoney7@gmail.com for membership or come to a meeting to join, we would love to meet you.

Field Trips


The Field Trip leaders from all three Ventura County Clubs had a meeting in order to jointly plan trips for 2020.  Hopefully, this will give us a nice selection of trip opportunities spread throughout the year.  Don't hesitate to offer up suggestions for a trip at any time. 


FEBRUARY 16th - Tajiguas Beach for Whale Bone, Agate, and other pretties. Run by VGMS.

MARCH 21st - Castle Butte/Travertine Onyx for various Agates, Chalcedony, and Travertine Onyx. Run by CGMC.

APRIL 25th - Cady Mtn. for a variety of neat stuff. Run by VGMS. 

MAY 30th - Calico for Silver Lace Onyx, Petrified Palm Root, and possibly explore some new areas. Run by CGMC. 

JUNE 19th-21st - Davis Creek (northeastern corner of CA) for various types of Obsidian. Run by OGMS. 

JULY 11th - Palos Verdes for Glaucophane. Run by OGMS.

AUGUST 29th-30th - Greenhorn Mtn. for Rose Quartz. Run by OGMS. 

SEPTEMBER 18th-20th - Wiley's Well for Thunder Eggs, Fire Agate Chalcedony, and a variety of other pretties. Run by CGMC. 

OCTOBER 24th-25th - Clear Creek for Plasma Agate, Nephrite Jade, Agate, and more. Run by CMCG. 

NOVEMBER 8 th - Rainbow Ridge (out by Ridgecrest) for Agate. Run by VGMS.

DECEMBER (TBD) - Avila Beach for Deedeeite and Beach Jaspers. Run by VGMS. 

Remember to Monitor Whoscoming.com/VGMS site for Field Trip information and any changes. It is required to register at the www.whoscoming.com/vgms site, create a password, then use it to sign-in. Also, please, if you decide not to come, remove your name from the "whoscoming" site or let the trip leader know so we won't be waiting around for you to show up. Of course, "waiting around" only means for about 5 minutes after the stated leaving time! We appreciate the communication. 

Field Trip Leader’s Contact info: 

Chuck Borchart (CG&MC) chuck.cgmctrips@gmail.com 

Brett Allen Johnson (OGMS) bj9709@yahoo.com 

David Springer (VGMS) david.springer@arcadis.com

If anyone has any trip ideas, please let me know. We can always find room to slip in another trip 

Remember that now we are asking everyone to sign up at the www.whoscoming.com/vgms site or let me know that you are coming. 

Also, please, if you decide not to come, remove your name from the "whoscoming" site or let the trip leader know so we won't be waiting around for you to show up. 

2020 Meetings


       Club Calendar  2020

 January 23, 2020 at 7 PM   Program: Actual Moon Rocks and presentation (CANCELLED DUE TO NASA's CONTROL)

February 13th-   Rainbow Obsidian- Davis Creek


April 18th and 19th- Pageant of a Thousand Gems held at Borchard Park, Newbury Park, CA  SHOW IS CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19  CONCERNS

(no meeting this month due to the show)

May 14th-  

June 11th-
   Dick Weber

July 12- Annual BBQ and picnic on a Sunday 11 AM -4 PM noon  at Old Meadows Park, 1600 Marview Drive, Thousand Oaks 

Bring side dish, lawn chairs and plates and utensils. The club will provide the meat and beverages (soda and wine)

The picnic is open to all members and their families and guests.

This is in place of the July meeting!

Please feel free to join us for a enjoyable Sunday afternoon

Directions to the park; Take Erbes road north from Hillcrest or Thousand Oaks blvd and turn West at Marview Drive. Watch for a small sign on the side of the road for Old Meadows Park. Mareview Drive dead ends at the parking lot of Old Meadows Park... See you there!!!!

August 13th- Ice Cream Social &  SALE of Members ONLY creations that are rock or mineral themed.    

"Ice Cream Social & Indoor Tailgate"

It's Hot out, do you want to Cool off?

The August Program will be replaced by the club's Annual Ice Cream Social and Indoor Tailgate

It's a great time to socialize and get to know more about fellow CGMC members and their interests. Plus you get to enjoy some great Ice Cream with all the toppings, hot fudge and caramel YUM!

We are also adding a new event. We would like to invite members to participate in an 'Indoor Tailgate' where members can display and sell their own special creations.

This can include jewelry, cabochons, wood carvings, knife handles or any gems, minerals, fossils that you have found on field trips. All of this needs to be something you have made or have found, not something you have bought and want to resell.

If you want to participate in the Indoor Tailgate, please contact Kevin Lake  

so that we can plan how many tables need to be set up.

All members please plan to bring cash so that you can purchase any of these items. 

Be prepared for many treasured items.

Please bring cash, or some may be able to take credit card charges.

September 10th-  Sandee Mahoney- Arkansas Quartz Crystals

October 8th-
 Mary Pat Weber--

November 12th- Silent Auction at the club meeting

December Sunday 6th  11 am- Annual Dinner Get together  -No meetings this month.   Club will provide Ham, Turkey and drinks. Members to bring potluck for the sides and dessert.


Board meetings are normally the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 PM at the same location of the regular meetings. Occasionally they are changed for dates due to conflicts.  


About Us


We are a family orientated club

We have a variety of speakers throughout the year

We have a variety of speakers throughout the year

with activities for the younger rockhounds in your family


We have a variety of speakers throughout the year

We have a variety of speakers throughout the year

We have a variety of speakers throughout the year

About rocks, gems, geology


We participate and or host many

We have a variety of speakers throughout the year

We participate and or host many

Field Trips throughout the year, most in California, but some in different states

For more information; sandramahoney7@gmail.com

Our Lapidary Shop


Lapidary Shop

We have a small shop located at the Hillcrest Arts Center

We have Genies for shaping and polishing rocks

A large flat lap

A large rock saw

Small trim saws 


We have shop foreman that have regular days and hours to open the shop and several who are on call.

Would you like to learn to make the rocks you have collected into something new and pretty?

Our shop foreman will be happy to teach you for free. This service is only for updated paid members of the Conejo Gem and Mineral club

Please contact Eric Stokes for any questions at 805-236-4076

Shop Schedule

The 1st and last Sunday of every month 12 PM to 3 PM- Eric Stokes

The 2nd Tuesday evening of every month 6 PM to 8 PM- Manny Valdez

3rd & 4th Wednesday of each month daytime hours, by appointment only- Dick Weber

Kevin Lake- On Call  

Membership Application




I hereby apply for membership in the Conejo Gem & Mineral Club, Inc.

I agree to abide by the Constitution and the Bylaws and all Rules and

Regulations of the Club. I further agree to abide by the code of Ethics 

of the American Federation of the Mineralogical Societies.




E-mail address:__________________________________________________

Name:_____________________________ Birthday (Month ___________

Name:_____________________________ Birthday (Month ___________

Name:_____________________________ Birthday (Month ___________

Name:_____________________________ Birthday (Month ___________

Interests: Field trips__, Minerals__, Fossils__, Lapidary-Jewelry arts__, Carving-Sculpture__, Education__, Faceting__, Fluorescent minerals__, Meteorites__, Mining history__, Micro mounts__, Photography__, Silversmithing____, other____________________________________________________________

How long have you been interested in earth science, rock hounding?________________

Dues and Fees:

Single-1 adult: $28.00 per year in advance (includes new member badge)


2 adults, family members: $45.00 per year in advance (includes new member badges)

Renewals: Family $30 a year Single $20 a year

Please bring to a meeting or mail this completed and signed application with the appropriate fees to the Membership Chairman. The check is to be made out to CGAMC.


I will respect both private and public property and will do no collecting on privately owned land without the owner’s permission.

I will keep informed on all laws, regulations or rules governing collecting on public lands and will observe them.

I will, to the best of my ability, ascertain the boundary lines of property on which I plan to collect.

I will use no firearms or blasting material in collecting areas.

I will cause no willful damage to property of any kind--fences, signs, buildings, etc...

I will leave all gates as found.

I will build fires in designated or safe places only and will be certain they are completely extinguished before leaving the area.

I will discard no burning material--matches, cigarettes, etc...

I will fill all excavation holes, which may be dangerous to livestock.

I will not contaminate wells, creeks, or other water supply.

I will cause no willful damage to collecting material and will take home only what I can reasonably use.

I will support the round project H.E.L.P (Help Eliminate Litter Please) and leave all collecting areas devoid of litter, regardless of how found.

I will cooperate with field trip leaders and those in designated authority in all collecting areas.


In consideration of the privilege and opportunity given to me to attend the Field Trips, use of the Lapidary shop, and other activities of the Conejo Gem and Mineral Club. I hereby agree that I will henceforth make no claim against the Conejo Gem and Mineral Club or any of it’s members for injuries of myself, members of my family, my agents, or third persons, arising out of my attendance of Field Trips or other activities of the club. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Conejo Gem and Mineral Club and or it’s members, against the claim of the claim arising out of their attendance at any club activity, including use of the Lapidary shop.




All Junior and Pebble Pups MUST sign and state their ages. Parents or Guardians of Junior members and Pebble Pups must countersign this waiver




Please turn in at the meeting or mail this completed and signed two page form to:

Sandra Mahoney

VP Membership 

60 Margarita, Camarillo, CA 93012